For advice on water plants, natural ponds, helophytes or reed filters, nature development plans, water garden
design, etc. please contact us.

We will do the whole project, and you will be amezed of the result.
We use official laboriatory to measure . We will look for the best result for every problem.

We support all kinds of projects, such as environmentally friendly banks and wetlands.
Our consultants can identify for you which plants you need now and what’s in the future to come.

A nature type plan will be drawn up and endangered species plants get back into areas where it stood before.

We can make drawings and plans, taking into account the hydrological, geological and ecological status of an area.


Some of the projects we did:

● The reed beds in Hoofddorp
● the canals in Amsterdam
● Eendrachtspark Amsterdam
● Manor the limits ( since 2002 )
● constructed wetland of efteling (working for 20 years already)
● remediation oil pumpjack delfgauw through wetland
● on the expo 2000 roof of the Dutch entry in Hanover
● reorganizing Leurse port networks Etten­leur
● several wetlands Aquafin belgium
● remediation junkyard la lys or lys in france (now an ecological water park)
● electricity project out of the growing of the waterplants
● chemical poison in water . how resistant are these plants against it

We are members of the working group and the working group ecohydrology water and shore plants.