Who are we?

Plants Power Water Treatment(by waterplant.eu) is a fresh new company and although it’s new here, it has a lot of knowledge because it already exists under the names Koot since the seventies.

It was a big dutch nursery with waterplants , flowers , cucumbers and other vegetables.

In the eighties they changed the name in D’n Bart Waterplants.

This was a waterplant nursery delivering to big companies and to other nurseries and to garden center and landscapers.

In the nineties we changed the name again into Waterplant.nl.
We started to do projects for the government, waterboards, and still doing deliveries to the same companies as we did with D’n Bart.

We studied how to clean the water with waterplants and did a lot of new nature and wetlandsprojects.

Our biggest projects were mainly in The Netherlands but, we delivered to a lot of different countries like Belgium , Germany, Great Brittain, France , Spain , Ireland and sometimes even to American , African or Asian countries.

Because we liked the watercleaning part the most we started a foundation called Waterplant.eu in 2010.

We had a company of more than 30 people working for us. We stopped with the company and went on with the foundation.

Because we travelled a lot in South East Asia in several countries,we started to realize somebody has to take the first step while in Holland with all this water, it’s already really clean.
In the countries here the water is really polluted.
(This is the Kali Kruket, located in Jakarta)

This made us think.We have so much experience and we want to do something good with it.
Bringing back the nature, The Power Of Nature. It is so important to have clean water.
For the people , the frogs , the dragonflies and the fishes and especially for the whole environment.

We are gonna change this. We will make a new start.

Waterplants will clean the rivers, lakes , wetlands and pools here.
Less polution will reach the sea.
You can walk near the canal or river without this dirty smell.
Our Foundation still exists and we are ready to do big projects.
We started a company in singapore and now we are ready.

Plants Power Water Treatment(by waterplant.eu)


We want to clean up the place, rivers, canals lakes, wetland and even your own sewer water.
Support us, with donations, become a member or help us starting up a new project.
You can even help with ideas. We like it if you send us a email and tell us how you want to help or support us.
We ‘re waiting for you !!!